quinta-feira, 21 de maio de 2015

Coleção - Kim Kardashian West para C&A

E ontem finalmente foi lançada a tão esperada parceria da Kim, com uma das fast fashion mais famosas do Brasil, a C&A. A coleção de Dia dos Namorados está sexy, repleta de peças justas, saias lápis, cortes estratégicos, cropped tops e muitas cores neutras. São um pouco mais de 20 peças, com preços que variam entre R$25,90 e R$119,00. As peças realmente são a cara da Kim! Vale também ressaltar que as malhas usadas são muito boas, daquelas mais grossa. 

Kim quando foi convidada para fazer essa coleção capsula, disse que queria muito valorizar a mulher brasileira e suas curvas, e sem dúvida alguma, ela atingiu o seu objetivo. A maioria das brasileiras tem medo de ousar um pouco, e essa coleção da Kim está aí para expandir os horizontes, com bastante peças simples, mas ao mesmo tempo sofisticadas e sexy. Para nossa felicidade, a coleção vai estar a venda nas C&A's de todo o Brasil (yaaaaaaas!!!!)

Clique aqui para ver outras peças e clique aqui para ver o comercial completo da coleção.

Espero que vocês tenham gostado e até mais :) Xx

segunda-feira, 18 de maio de 2015

Get Her Look - Gigi Hadid

Announced in January of this year, as new face of Maybelline NY, Gigi Hadid is in the spotlight at the moment, her career got off the ground in 2015. Descended from Pakistani and Dutch, the it girl owns a singular beauty and a stripped-down and modern style and she is our chosen of today's Get Her Look! Hope you get inspired by the outfits! So let's get started it.

Hope you guys enjoyed! See you next time :)! Xx 

terça-feira, 24 de março de 2015

Coachella Tips & Tricks

First held in 1999, Coachella is an annual music and arts festival in Indio, California. The festival is held in two weekends, the first part on April 10-12 and the second one on 17-19...This year's line up has some amazing artist like: Marina and The Diamonds, ODESZA, The Weeknd, Gorgon City, DJ Snake, Clean Bandit and a much more

On this big post we'll give you some outfit ideas and survival tips. Coachella is the right place to try something new and please, feel free to step outside your comfort zone! Hope you get inspired with the outfit...So let's get into the Festival mood

PS: While you're reading the post, listen to the playlist we've made for you, with some bands and singers we love and will be in Coachella 

Basically the 'dres code' is between boho chic and rocker style. Most seen style of these two surely is boho chic and the most part of the outfit comes with high waisted shorts, crop tops, shoulder bags, sandals and boots.

Coachella is a music festival that goes beyond music, and as we said before, is a perfect event to try something new! So let's take a look on the outfits we've made for you guys.

Complete list of the clothes and accessories we used in these outfits: 1, 23, 4.

We've done four versatile outfits, with fluid and light clothes! In any festival you go, always opt for comfort, but if you can put comfort and style together, is even better, isn't it? So go with clothes you think most comfortable and always wear comfortable shoes! It's essential, you will spend hours standing... some people prefer to go with boots because it's comfortable and also protect the foot against stomps, mud, rain etc... it really is the most appropriate footwear for this type of event!

In these four outfits that we've made, you can change the sandals by boots and vice versa

If you haven't chosen your outfit yet and you have no idea of where to find appropriate and nice clothes, a Swedish brand has the solution to your problems (YAY!!!!)
Yes, H&M, created a special collection for coachella, and the clothes are beautiful and super cool!

We put some of our favorite pieces, if you want to see the full collection take a look here

And finally, we made 5 must have - survival guide, because in every music event, you need a mini survival kit, right? So take a look on our list

Sunblock: Apply again and again

Water: Stay hydrated

Beauty Emergency: Lip Balm, Dry Shampoo, BB cream and Mascara...If you have waterproof makeup, take it with you! It's better because you will sweat and etc

Travel First Aid Kit:  Most travel first-aid kits come filled with band-aids and anti-infection cream. You can find them anywhere

Coachella AppThe updated version of the app now features a friend finder, shuttle tracking, and wristband activation. The app can also be used to get festival updates, weather reports, announcements, set times, and information about the food and drink booths

See you next time xx

quinta-feira, 19 de março de 2015

DIY: Bronzer Lotion

Today the post is about one of the easiest DIY that we've ever made. It's fast, easy and useful! So let's get it started...

Scrape a bit of bronzer into the container you have chosen, put a little bit of almond oil and mix it... Your bronzer lotion is done!

So easy, Isn't it? The only contraindication: never apply this lotion if you'll go out in a sunny day, because it can stain your skin

PS: If you make a small amount and apply the lotion immediately, you can put in any recipient; but if you make a larger amount is better to put in a container with lid or you can put in a spray pump bottle because it's practical and safe!

Here's the VIDEO

domingo, 15 de março de 2015

Bilingual? What?

Pessoal, o nosso post de hoje é mais um esclarecimento, viemos comunicar que o nosso blog é bilíngue (português e inglês), essa opção de duas línguas é escolha nossa, iremos dividir os posts para que se encaixem melhor em cada língua ou através do número de pedidos para algum post especifico. Esperamos que gostem.

FMU xx

Guys, today's post is nothing special...We came here to say that our blog is bilingual (portuguese and english), this option, of two languages, is our choice. We will fit each post in the language that will fit better or through your request for some specific post. Hope you guys like it.

FMU xx

quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2015

Get Her Look - Jennifer Lawrence

Hi guys, our first post of 2015 (yaaaaaay) is about one of our favourite actresses and one of the actresses who rocked in 2014, Jennifer Lawrence. Jlaw's style on her day-to-day, is versatile and casual and on the red carpets, she likes to switch between sexy, elegant and bold looks. That's it, hope you like it and get inspired with all these amazing outfits.

1- Necklace, 2- Jumpsuit, 3- Belt, 4- Bracelet, 5- Clutch, 6- Shoes

1- Dress, 2- Clutch, 3- Shoes